Feedback for River Deep Mountain High Gorge Walking in the Lake District Half Day

Your name: Tim Casselden

Activity Date(s): 13/7/2013

Activity(s): Gorge Walking

No in Group: 13

Please give a score out of 5 and comments on the following areas:

Website (Information and Navigation)

4 – very informative but also with a lot of information to digest.

Booking Process and Information

5 – very quick to respond to the enquiry and a very easy and smooth, even when changing numbers at the last minute.  Always able to get in touch with someone over the phone when required.

Meet and Greet

5 – the guys were enthusiastic, helpful and great fun throughout.  They also liked dams a lot.

Activity Experience (Pitch, Kit, Content) 5..Can I give a 6? 6 – Fantastic and perfect for the day, enjoyed by the entire group so much that everyone said how great it was many times afterwards; and jam-packed full of different stuff to do in the three hours. 

Kit was also very thorough, especially when viewed alongside some of the other groups we went past, who were lacking in wetsuits etc..

Overall Value for Money

5 – A couple of hours into the activity I actually thought that because of how good it was and how much variety they packed into the afternoon that we were getting it for cheap and that I would have paid more for it.  Really great value, especially since it was the most reasonable quote I received when I was scouting the activity out.

And finally, any other comments

Keep up the good work – a brilliant afternoon.  A glowing TripAdvisor review to follow.

And thank you all round!!
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