Hawk 20

We are really excited to be working in the sun on our new (to us) Hawk 20 we have bought as a boat share with The University of Birmingham Raymond Priestley Centre where it will sat on its mooring. This enables us to offer fantastic family sailing as well as a great stable teaching platform as anyone who has been sailing in Hawks with us in previous years will know.

The boat is being prepared for the water by cleaning fitting new sails, mast, and engine and repairing / replacing any damaged or broken bits, its former life was on the Menai Starits so there were a few barnacles to remove too.
…and eventuallly the mast went up

Hopefully launched next week following work on the mooring, by a diver not Johan with a snorkel!

we will update you when we try out a capsize drill it is meant to be unsinkable!