Raft Building Team Activity in the Lake District

Raft building requires everyone to work together to come up with a design for their barrels, wood and rope. They then build the design and put it on the water to test out its capabilities. This is always lots of fun and with larger groups more than one raft can be built which enables races, tugs of war and other variations.

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Raft Building is great team building event for large groups and groups of families to work together to produce a strong, streamlined and most importantly bouyant raft. Our instructors will give tips along the way on using the most efficient knotts and getting everybody involved. The levels of appreciation of the hot chocolate we provide, may vary depending on whether your raft collapsed and threw your group into the water or not!


Open Raft Building Sessions

Please see dates below for activity sessions that are running and have spaces available for others to join. FOR ANY OTHER DATES OR ACTIVITIES PLEASE SEND US AN ENQUIRY.

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There are no planned sessions at the moment. To see available sessions for all activities see the availability page.

Raft Building Details

The basic 'survival equipment' to build the raft is provided as well as safety equipment and instructors.

Please talk to us if you are interested in a fun team activity day as this and other activities can be combined with problem solving activities to create the basis for a fun, shared experience that will bring your team together.

What do we do in a typical Raft Building session

Raft building sessions involve a team competition with each team being allowed to decide their own design and rope tying techniques. This can be controlled by our instructors to include either tips or specific direction to ensure a well built raft as per the group organisers wishes. The rafts and teams are then put through a series of challenges for strength, speed and agility.

All our outdoor activity sessions include elements of fun, learning new skills, going on a journey, adventure and coaching. Each session will have one of these elements as its main focus, either because the activity naturally offers it, (eg. Walking a journey), or to tailor the session to the groups aims. Be sure to let our office/your instructor know if there is something you would like to learn, do or have concerns about. We will always remember that you are doing the activity as part of your time off and so your enjoyment will always be our priority.

Through years of experience providing quality outdoor activities we include all those small things that make your holiday so unique and memorable. Such as average instructor to customer ratios of 1:5 (so you have more time and are not rushed) complimentary hot drinks, and much more.

Why go Raft Building in the Lake District?

The best thing about raft building in the Lake District is that you can do other outdoor activities at nearby locations or on the same site making for a great day out or team activity day.

Raft Building Activity Days

"Give it a go" Days

Half Day Raft Building

Raft Building is a ½ day activity (i.e. a morning or an afternoon) that takes place on a lake – we usually use Coniston Water, so nice fresh Lake District water! We provide wetsuits, buoyancy aids and all the equipment required to create a raft(s) and test its prowess on the water. The first section of the session allows your team to design your raft to ensure streamlining, speed and robustness. Once our instructors have given you bits of advice to ensure knots in the rope are tight etc., it will be time to get wet! The second section of the session is all about having as much fun as you can through races, tugs of war and little challenges so test the rafts overall. Raft Building lends itself excellently to large groups that like a bit of competition.
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