Sailing in the Lake District

Make an enquiryWe are currently reviewing our sailing provision and are not accepting bookings on regular sessions. Do feel free however to get in touch if you have a group sailing enquiry.

  • Locations: Coniston or Windermere.
  • Progess to: RYA courses*, Level 1, 2, seamanship skills, using spinnakers,
  • Duration: ½ or full day activity
  • Minimum Age: 6
  • Per person prices: Offers and Prices
  • How to book: If you have a group wishing to sail, please send us an enquiry.

*RYA courses are courses provided by a recognised RYA training centre. Please contact us if you would like more information about these types of courses and suitable centres


Open Sailing Sessions

Please see dates below for activity sessions that are running and have spaces available for others to join. FOR ANY OTHER DATES OR ACTIVITIES PLEASE SEND US AN ENQUIRY.

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There are no planned sessions at the moment. To see available sessions for all activities see the availability page.

Sailing Details

Learning how to sail a dinghy is a real wind in your hair experience. Its easy to pick up the basics and your sailing activity instructor will be with you all the while, so you can have much sailing fun being captain on the open waves!

You will be instructed in our Hawk 20, day-sailing, dinghy, this gives an excellent safe and stable environment for your first sailing session or to develop your skills. You will be instructed by an RYA qualified senior dinghy instructor in the boat with you - usually Johan - on Coniston Water, enabling good decisions regarding wind strength and local knowledge to be made (he's sailed here for 18 years).

Single handed sailing (in your own boat by youself) is also available and sailing in the following craft: Sport 16; Wayfarer; Topper; Pico; Laser; and, RS Vision, however a surcharge is usually due for these. In single hander sessions your instructor will begin teaching the basics from the beach for the first part of the session whilst you learn launching, landing and turning. Then your instructor will coach you whilst you sail on the water from a safety powerboat. You will be instructed and not left! .

If you are learning single handed dinghy sailing then you will be provided with a wetsuit to keep you warm, as well as buoyancy aids and helmets if it is particularly windy. During double handed dinghy sailing full breathable waterproofs will be provided, if requested, at no extra cost. These sessions aim to keep you dry!

What do we do in a typical Sailing session

River Deep Mountain High sailing sessions offer private tuition, with your sailing instructor in the boat with you during double handed sailing sessions. For single handed sailing sessions your instructor will guide and coach you from our saftey powerboat.

All our outdoor activity sessions include elements of fun, learning new skills, going on a journey, adventure and coaching. Each session will have one of these elements as its main focus, either because the activity naturally offers it, (eg. Canoeing a journey), or to tailor the session to the groups aims. Be sure to let our office/your instructor know if there is something you would like to learn, do or have concerns about. We will always remember that you are doing the activity as part of your time off and so your enjoyment will always be our priority.

Through years of experience providing quality outdoor activities we include all those small things that make your holiday so unique and memorable. Such as average instructor to customer ratios of 1:5 (so you have more time and are not rushed) complimentary hot drinks, and much more.

Why go Sailing in the Lake District?

The Lakes! Sailing these lakes of the Lake District has been a fantastic adventure since Arthur Ransomes, Swallows and Amazons stories. Lake District Sailing on Coniston and Windermere is great because of their reliable winds, incredible views of the mountains and vast size for fresh water lakes in England. Windermere and Coniston receive a sea breeze in the afternoon around 2pm when there is warm weather. Coniston and south Windermere also benefit from the prevailing SW wind blowing from end to end of the lake (5.5 miles on Coniston).

Sailing Activity Days

Premium Days

Sailing Course

We have availability for you all to learn to sail properly, so that you can either hire out, or buy your own boat to enjoy independently. For more details on our Sailing Courses please call or email with details of what you would like to achieve
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